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Mrs. Tigrett:  You’ve Been Tagged in a photo

On a brisk fall Sunday morning in 1912, Mrs. Isaac Burton Tigrett was ready for her closeup on the front steps of the newly built First Baptist Church.   Facebook was not on her mind that morning.  She was Mary Sue Kennedy Tigrett, and although she had no children, her husband’s brother Augustus King Tigrett had a son, John Burton who named one of his sons Isaac.  The Tigretts are responsible for the GM&O Railroad, Trailways, the Memphis Pyramid, Hard Rock Cafe, and The House of Blues and Sathya the Sri Sai Institute of Higher Medicine.  But that’s another story.

Mrs. Isaac Burton Tigrett headed up the Primary Class in Sunday School at the First Baptist Church.  These were children, fresh from the nursery, who were experiencing their first organized religious education.  They were also in the first, second or third grades in public school in Jackson.


The First Baptist Church had finally been completed and that day was about pictures.  On April 2, 1911 the doors to the church building opened.  The congregation had been holding services in the Madison County Court House for two years.

Three years before, in 1909, the church had voted to tear down the building and build a new structure on the property.  “The committee for that purpose went to work and the finance committee was very active.  Capt. J. C. Edenton, I. L. Grady, Henry White, W. E. Fite, W. C. Sanders and the pastor as the active committee.  On July 21st the last meeting was held in the old building.  A committee to move the furniture to the Supreme Court room, where the church would hold its meetings was appointed.”

The Board of Trustees, above, were A.M. Alexander, R.F. Spragins, I.B. Tigrett. Dr. J.L. Crook, and J. E. Edenton. (although not identified left to right in the 1911 book)

“In the year 1876 a small number of young ladies were organized into what was known as The Silver Thimble Society.  From the very first these young ladies went earnestly to work to do their part to aid in the completion of the church building and such other Christian work as was within their reach.”

The Ladies’ Parlor was on the second level immediately up the stairs when entering the church building.  A balcony opened into the sanctuary  on the left.

The Men’s Sunday School Class

The Boy’s Sunday School Class

 The Board of Deacons

The church building in 1911.  First Baptist Church is celebrating their 175th year in Jackson.

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