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The history of Jackson from the earliest settlers to the middle of the 20th Century can be found in journals and papers as well as comprehensive histories, like Historic Madison by Emma Inman Williams.  But most of the history stops about 1950.  That’s because historians don’t really care about history until it’s in our distant past, about 100 years.

Trouble is, by then most of the pictures are in a land fill and worse, the people who know the stories behind the pictures have met the same fate.  Rather than waiting another 50 years to take a look at 1950-2000 we decided to find the pictures and Save the Story now, while we still can.

We’re looking through piles of home movies, lots of Polaroids, slides, and deckle edged prints.  Pictures with the cars, the hairstyles, the clothes and the gatherings of people at parties, at school, at dances, and just living in Jackson.  What has already emerged is a record of a unique time and place, with the stories that you are young enough to remember… today.

We need your help.  Look under your bed, in the garage, the attic, at your mom’s house, anywhere you think there may be pictures, slides, movies or videos.  Let us know, we’ll copy them and give them back to you.  Then you can help us Save The Story that’s behind the images.  This will be fun!

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