Alta Freeman

Algebra I was difficult and Algebra II was not recommended to most students at Jackson High School.  It was taught be a stern (appearing) woman with a no  nonsense attitude toward life.  Nonsense was pretty much our specialty, it was high school after all.  The only course I flunked was Algebra II, taught by Mrs. Freeman.  I was in good company, twenty or more other dolts were headed to Summer school to make up the credit, but I chose to retake the course from Mrs. Freeman.

As she called the role in the first day of class she paused after calling my name, smiled and shook her head, then went on.  After class she asked me, why I had I come back for more?  Apparently she had never had a failing student repeat in her class.  It was the beginning of a great relationship.

Mrs. Freeman had a stroke 3 years ago.  She lost the ability to speak or to walk or to move her arms.  Her husband, Clyde goes to Maplewood Health Care on Highway 45 North, 3 times a day to feed her himself.  Her birthday is December 6th.  She’ll be 86.

I wrote her a letter several months ago, sending it to the Maplewood facility.  I attached the letter below.  Click on the link and it will open as a .pdf file in your browser.

Alta Freeman


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