Who Am I?

In November we were pawing through picture boxes and scrapbooks in Jackson.  We found a set of tiny photographs, each smaller than an inch square, some identified, some not.

It might have been in 1929, some friends were photographed in Jackson.  It may have been a small gathering, a party or something that brought them together, that’s uncertain.   It might have been school pictures but if they are school pictures they are not like anything in the yearbooks we’ve seen.

What is certain is the photographer was very talented.  The friends appear in front of a backdrop with props of furs and hats.  The lighting looks like natural light, suggesting it was done in a photographer’s studio, but with soft illumination.

I suppose it’s possible that these folks had that much style and were just naturally this good looking, but I think that we have a really remarkable photographer and some fun loving people.

In each photograph the light is coming from our right.  The shadow detail is really impressive (for those of us who are impressed by shadow detail).

Maybe Francis was naturally that comfortable in front of a camera but I think this photographer was able to make her comfortable.

And this one looks like a Renaissance painting.

This is Catherine Daniels

This is Dorothy “Dot” Penrose

This is Frank May

This is Helen “Bucky” Buck

This is J. T. Hamilton

This is Martha Askew

Who Am I?

This is Corrina Whitlock

Who Am I?

Mary Anne Fenner

Jillian Jackson

Who Am I?

Mary Elise Gaffney

Martha Francis Ray

Many of these minor mysteries will be easy to solve, although I assume that the women will have married names by now.  There are probably several grandmothers in this bunch.  I hope we can find some names for these tiny pictures from Jackson, TN.

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