Hunter Taylor contributed a story that may generate memories and images from long ago.  The characters are familiar to many of us they are: (In order of appearance)
Harry Schaeffer, Baxter Smith, Phil Swango, Cecile West and perhaps Beth Harris.

Hunter Taylor — I could tell many stories–they are running through my mind–like when we all camped out on the 17th fairway at Jackson Country Club golf course–waiting for Harry Schaeffer and Baxter Smith to park on Country Club Lane with their dates Cecile West and I  forget –maybe Beth Harris – (not sure) with Phil Swango ready to come over the hill with an axe in his hand and a stocking over his head–as old saw face–the legendary killer of Madison County parkers—at about 11 p m it all happened.

They were parked… making out I assume.  Swango came over the hill–axe swinging by his side.  Harry Schaeffer opened his back door and ran… really fast.  When he heard the loud round of laughter he returned… saying he had been in search of a large branch to use as a weapon.  Moments later–Andy Baird had fallen out of the tree above the parked car in which the lovers had been doing what ever they were doing.  He was laughing and lost his balance and fell from the tree.  Based on my last sighting– the tree would no longer hold him… but that happens to many of us as age creeps up.

Any way it was a summer night in Jackson, TN that I will never forget.

A wonderful place to have grown up–and a place for which I am thankful for so many memories.

Thanks for the site–hope others will share their experiences.

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