Growing up in a small town most anywhere in America at some point involves going around in circles.  Cruising from where you are now (where little is happening), to somewhere else, where something might be happening.  It’s at once, wildly optimistic thinking, based on almost anyone’s experience, but there we were, night after night… looking and cruising to yet one more place in hopes we’d find the happiness we were looking for.   (Later in life, for males particularly, the trait manifests itself by operating a tv remote to find out what else is on.)

So, we start a series that explores the places we cruised, in no particular order.   There were overlaps and duplications but we’ll look at areas that we hoped, against hope, all those years ago, that we would find something exciting.  Maybe we’ll find it now.

Let us know where you cruised.

Did you find what you were seeking?

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John Reitzammer

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